The Screen City Biennial presents art installations that take up visible and invisible spaces and architectures, some engaging in dialogues with site contextual issues and urban material features, others expanding and disappearing into the fjords.


Screen City Biennial presents an internationally diverse screening program presented at the local cinema SF Kino, online and via a curated video art channel for hotel rooms.


The exhibition program includes journeys through Stavanger’s urban environments, accompanied by mobile media. Guided by audio and integrated moving images, participants will experience Stavanger anew through media aesthetic overlays fusing various historic, intimate and global narratives into Stavanger’s experienced urban context.


The Biennial’s live performance program is realised in collaboration with Stavanger’s local – and national scenic arts venues and presents live cinema performances stretching from experimentation with early cinematic techniques to new media live performances. Live Cinema refers to projects, which originate in real time when both the audio and the visual parts of the works are being created. We are interested not only in the current state of the art, but also in a historical reflection to compare the situation in the past with the contemporary technological accessibility of moving images. In the context of audio-visual performance and installation, Live Cinema is an important testimony to technological and social changes in the perception of contemporary art through different forms of presentation and interfaces, and can be perceived as a manifestation of live culture.


Today we are witnessing an emerging line of digital platforms for exhibiting and distributing the moving image, which has opened up a new path for independent online curatorial work, events and biennials. When dealing with global subjects we need to explore the proper ways to reach a global audience and take advantage of the Internet’s social, cultural and political potential for distributing artistic content beyond borders and restrictions. The Screen City Biennial wishes to encourage this effort and highlight the artists and curators forging this path. The online exhibition reflects the Screen City Biennial’s aim to be accessible beyond the geographic locality of Stavanger and further exhibition practices with the expanded moving image in online, mobile and hybrid presentation formats.


The Screen City Biennial’s Talks program unfolds through a series of public sessions, from artist talks to curatorial roundtables, keynotes and panel conversations. The program ties in with the Biennial’s Research Program and online Journal with the aim to examine, elaborate and discuss various artistic and urban contextual aspects relating to the expanded moving image in public space in light of the Biennial’s theme Ecologies - lost, found and continued.


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