SCB is happy to announce the list of participating artists for its fourth iteration in Stavanger, Norway. SCB 2019 will use Stavanger harbor’s architectonic positioning in the Nordic landscape to present a broad range of international artists working in the fields of moving image and expanded video and film, augmented and virtual reality, audiovisual, performance and installations.

SCB 2019 commissioned new works to Emilija Škarnulytė (LT), Saara Ekström (FI), Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen (FI), Michelle-Marie Letelier (CL), Enrique Ramírez (CL) and the Band of Weeds (FI) that engage with a post-anthropocentric worldview. As with all mining operations, deep sea mining raises important questions about its environmental impact. With Deep Point Cloud, Emilija Škarnulytė explores questions related to the beginning of the universe in relation to deep time. Škarnulytė commits in her work to creating a dialogue between art and science, exploring invisible architectures and larger systems of power. The newly commissioned video work will be a visual meditation and examination of the contemporary science conditions related with deep sea mining and ocean mapping.

Band of Weeds’ sound and light act performance will be presented live at the Stavanger Art Museum during the SCB opening weekend (17-20th October). The Greenhouse Phenomenon will be a sound inquiry into the plants' pulse and life signals, made audible to the audience with the aim to show how much activity there is every weed. After the live performance, the work will be integrated in the form of a sound installation along the Mosvannet park during the whole Biennial period.

Tentacle Tongue is part of Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen’s research on more-than-human minds. The conductors of this work are cephalopods, and through this class of species, Laitinen examines questions of biodiversity and radical difference. The work consists of posters that the viewers can activate with an Augmented Reality (AR) app, on their mobile devices. This act of scanning will unfold as an intimate audiovisual work that is diving into imaging technologies and the production of knowledge in the age of hyper-capitalism and climate crises.

The Bone is a VR experience inside the installation of a wild salmon’s skull by Michelle-Marie Letelier, where certain physical elements and stories can be discovered, supported and complemented by a voice and sound composition in the background. The project explores the relationship between northern and southern hemispheres facilitated by Atlantic salmon aquaculture, landscape management and manipulation towards living marine resources in extinction.

Letelier will collaborate with Berlin-based visual performing artist Kalma for a second commission on a real-time perception of the dynamic and symmetric growth of sodium nitrate crystals. Caliche Crystals will be part of a long-term project in audiovisual performance through the lens of a microscope which explores the historical trade and wind-sailing maritime route of sodium nitrate (Chile saltpetre), locally called “caliche”. This collaboration between Letelier and Kalma is currently conceiving outputs where the central element is the experience of saltpetre crystals growing, in dialogue with architectural spaces and historical narratives.

Saara Ekström's Beacon offers a participatory event of expanded cinema, live along the harbour of Stavanger. The artist has filmed the endangered and fragile ecosystem on Finnish islands in collaboration with researchers at the Archipelago Research Institute, and brings these black & white 8mm images with her to create a projection performance.

Connecting two threatened environments along the Norwegian coast with Tidal Pulse - Part II - a site-responsive sound piece and visual voyage on a Ferry traveling through the Fjords; Enrique Ramírez reflects on the fossil fuel-induced environmental crisis of the region. As such, Ramírez aims to develop the research initiated in Harstad by focusing on deep sea mining and extracting the vibrations of the boat and the underwater sound of oil pumps in the specific environment of Stavanger.

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