Curated by Nathanja van Dijk

 If modernist ideals of reason and dreams of human progress are now connected to environmental destruction, where do we head from here? This film program approaches the SCB2019 theme of a post-anthropocentric worldview with a touch of ecology-oriented science fiction. With children, extinct birds, an eco-feminist superhero, and a dog in the lead role, the works by Ursula Biemann, Mikhail Karikis, Jakob Kudsk Steensen and Luiz Roque intertwine our current environmental reality with a radical imagination, leading the way to an alternative ecological future.  

 Participating artists and featured works:

Mikhail Karikis, Children of the Unquiet (2014)
Ursula Biemann, Subatlantic (2015)
Jakob Kudsk Steensen, RE-WILDING (2018)
Mikhail Karikis, No Ordinary Protest (2018)
Luiz Roque, ZERO (2019)

Nathanja van Dijk

Nathanja van Dijk is the co-founder and director of A Tale of a Tub , an art institution in Rotterdam. A Tale of a Tub’s program centers on the question of how art can contribute to our understanding of present-day social, political, and ecological issues. As an independent curator Van Dijk has worked on diverse project since 2009, operating at the intersection between art and society. Recent projects include the traveling film program The Migrant (Moving) Image (2015 -2017, i.a. EYE Filmmuseum, Media Art Morocco, Artport Tel Aviv) in response to the largest migration crisis we are facing since World War II. Her interdisciplinary research project Acts of Orientation (2012 – 2018, Schering Stiftung, Humboldt Universität, Verlag Walther Konig) explored alternative forms of knowledge production, from the perspective of art, science and humanities. The exhibition Revolutionize (2018 - 2019, Mystetskyi Arsenal) – curated with Kateryna Filyuk – marked the 5th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity that took to the streets in Ukraine in 2013 – 2014 and presented an experimental and critical model for the future memorial museum. Van Dijk consults several corporate art collections, amongst others ABN Amro Collection, Robeco Art Collection, Pereira Art Collection and ING Art Collection. 

contact @ screencitybiennial.org